Fun, exciting informative journeys with nature.


To provide services and products with messages of responsibility about the environment and our planet using fun, informative platforms. At the same time, Nature’s Ride through Art Society attempts to reduce its own operational footprint and that of its products and services.


Respect for all: humans, flora, and fauna. It is everybody’s world!

Our Team

Dr. Irene M. Herremans, PhD
Irene teaches courses in sustainability management at the University of Calgary and University of Waterloo. Works to improve the university’s own environmental performance. Publishes and consults extensively on environmental control systems, environmental performance, and performance valuation and reporting. Won numerous teaching awards and was named one of the “Outstanding Young Woman of America.” Enjoys adventure sports and nature activities in the world’s many mountain ranges and oceans.
Elizabeth Romo-Rabago, M.Sc

Elizabeth holds a Master in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary. She is an artist and a social entrepreneur who is passionate about sustainable development and environmental education. Seventeen years ago, she started Ciclomanías, a social enterprise that produces handmade Art and Crafts with recycled materials such as corrugated cardboard and plastic bottles. Her upcycled art work is an evidence that garbage does not need to end up in the landfill, thus, adding to the disruption of nature, but can have other creative and artistic uses.

Jesica Torres
Jesica is currently a Grade 2 teacher with the Calgary Catholic School District. She is passionate about environmental education and strives to include environmental stewardship in her daily teaching practices with her students. Jesica loves being outside in nature and is often found hiking or skiing in the Rocky Mountains with her friends.
Jo Mark, MBA

Jo is a business development professional with a proven track record of successfully taking "new" programs and projects from concept to implementation. She was a member of the team that developed and established in Quito, Ecuador the forerunner to the Sustainable Energy Development Masters of Science degree program currently offered at the University of Calgary. Jo is passionate about international development and has a keen interest in creating a more sustainable world for future generations.