Alexia Thir
Alexia Thir

Eila Saves the Town


One day in a small community in Kanpur India a girl named Eila was walking to a river beside her dad’s nuclear power plant. As she got closer and closer to the river she started to notice that there were dead fish and green slim everywhere. Eila was wondering why there was green slime and dead fish in the river. So she went inside the power plant and saw one of her dad’s workers named Luke. So she went to ask Luke and she said ” why is there dead fish and green slim in the river” and he responded ” oh that’s a natural thing
It happened a lot here in Kanpur don’t worry about it ‘‘. ”no” responded Eila it’s not a natural thing it never happens have you ever seen this happen in Kanpur have you ever even looked at the river after that Luke was a little embarrassed because he got out smarted by a 12 year old but Luke still didn’t believe Eila . So Eila went to the manager’s office and announced to all the workers” all workers come with me and see the river and what’s in it’’. So all the workers came and saw the leakage and the fluids were spilling in the river. So Eila went to her home street and Eila went inside her house got a big chair brought it to her sidewalk and since everyone was outside she yelled everyone who wants to help clean up the river and the grounds of the power plant come tomorrow to the power plant. So everyone on the entire block came to help with the river and grounds of the power plant the next day. All the workers were so happy that Eila helped the workers that they voted Eila for the new power plant recourse part time helper but Eila couldn’t Take the job she was too young but the worker Kept it in mind that they could higher her when She is about 15.

Eila the main character’s name
Means the earth, Eila is 12 years old, she was the first one to notice that the lake was polluted; her dad owns the power plant.