Lotli, The origin of the Monarch Butterfly

Lotli, The origin of the Monarch Butterfly Lotli is a Children’s book that talks about the legend of the Monarch Butterfly as well as its biology and conservation. The book is in english and spanish. The level of readibility is for elementary school level. It is an easy and enjoyable reading.

Moreover, the book’s illustration was based on the recycled crafts we make out of corrugated cardboard boxes, such as the butteflies. This makes a great gift for your special little person who enjoys stories and enjoys learning about the environment, and appreciates butterflies and animals.

Akai and Mamoo’s Ocean Adventure – Book

Akai and Mamoo’s Ocean Adventure – Book Akai and Mamoo, two adventuresome juvenile Orca whales, wish to explore outside their ocean inlet. Although Mother and Aunty warn their Orca children of some of the dangers outside the inlet, the two mischievous Orca cousins are curious about their ocean surroundings.

After a bedtime story about their Orca ancestors, Akai and Mamoo wake early in the morning, anxious to visit the places and see the things that their ancestors experienced. Before they are out of the inlet, Akai and Mamoo are surprised with what they find….many strange and wonderful creatures but also many dangers that could harm them.

The Everybody’s World CD is the accompanying piece for the Akai and Mamoo book.

Everybody’s World – CD

Everybody’s World – CD The music on this recording is a companion piece to the book ʻAkai and Mamooʼs Ocean Adventureʼ.Each song on this disc mirrors part of the story and the music is intended to convey both the beauty of the undersea world and an understanding of the environmental challenges it faces.

It is our hope that this music will take you on an imaginative and unforgettable musical journey through the oceanic landscape and the lives of the creatures who live there. If just one song strikes a passionate chord in the heart of a listener, the earth will have won a friend.

Listen to Everybody’s World trailer here

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