Take a Ride with Nature through Art.

We aim to be an educational tool that uses cross-curricular connections through arts and entertainment as well as hands-on learning environments, enebling sensory and cognitive development. Our platforms of action are “Akai and Mamoo’s Ocean Adventure,” a children’s book packaged with an original music CD called “Everybody’s World.”

Kids at the party with their ocean animals.


-Create Awareness of Nature
-Stimulate imagination through storytelling
-Classify a variety of animals
-Demonstrate awareness that animals require different habitats
-Recognize sea animal adaptations
-Learn about habitat preservation.
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Acting in Ocean Theatre Workshop

-Tell stories about nature using puppets and other props
-Know how to care for nature’s health.
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Red Deer Workshop

Engaging in Music Workshop

-Write a song/poem about Nature
-Make Instruments using natural materials
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Upcycling & Vermicomposting Workshops

-Learn about waste classification
-Think about traditional disposal of solid waste.
-Experience the relevance of recycling
-Implement alternatives for greening our lives
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Cross-curricular Competencies